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Reform Student Debt, Inc. has been established as a national movement to declare War on the laws that have made student loan debt the most one-sided, prohibitive financial arrangement in American history.

The ’loan sharks’ who have made student loans a profit-making business, are the lending institutions, colleges and universities raising tuitions by 1,200% and the Federal Government making billions of dollars of profit on them.

Congress and State Legislators must write new laws which end usurious interest rates, punitive fees, broad garnishment powers, daily compound interest accruing years before payback is possible and most restrictively, the inability to ever discharge these loans in bankruptcy for any reason… including death.

In order to change these laws those violated by them must fight back in an organized, unending national protest that won’t stop until the laws are changed.

Reform Student Debt, Inc. will provide the platform: 43 million people owing $1.3 trillion must stand on it and be heard.


If college graduates past and present – UNITE – in demonstration, New Laws will provide:

  • forgiveness of remaining debt if original loan has been repaid
  • implementation of a new cap on interest rates for all student loans -private at 3.5%, Federal at 2.5%
  • making these caps retroactive for all still in debt, ending usurious rates immediately
  • limiting garnishment to 15% of monthly income
  • the application of standard bankruptcy proceedings by repealing the 2005 Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act which prevented student loans from being discharged in bankruptcy
  • reinstating the Truth in Lending Act with consumer protections for student loans and repealing the Higher Education Act of 1998 which eliminated all consumer protections for student loans
  • a new starting date for accrued interest at six months after graduation
  • a percentage of each monthly payment to pay down the loan’s principal
  • refinancing without additional interest
  • absolutely no income tax charges on loan forgiveness

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